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Summer in Seoul, South Korea (Day 1 of 40): Airport diaries & flying to Incheon

Hello, it's me? :P  Finally back to writing random journals about my life (mostly travels) after so many years of intermittent blogging :) I don't know if anyone still reads blogs but I feel like I want to write again. It's been a while since I stopped writing professionally and I don't know if I'm ever going to do it again since I feel like I need to hone my skills to re-enter that world. But perhaps journaling like this will help me get back to the rhythm. Enough babbling about that and lets talk about travel. I went to Korea twice this year and I was contemplating what should I blog first, the summer (June to July) or the autumn trip (October to November). Well what made sense to me is to do it chronologically, so here I am, editing photos and typing away a somehow sensible introduction to catch your attention. As soon as Korea announced that they're open for tourists, I researched about the requirements. Collected my documents to renew my visa, rushed to the

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