Ending 2011 with a bang :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012 —
I’m so excited to say goodbye to 2011. :P Such an emotional rollercoaster ride (I loathe rollercoasters literally and figuratively), but hey… I survived :) Thanks to my family, friends, and God for never leaving my side.

Bottomline top, Oxygen skirt, Aldo shoes, H&M black ring, Love Diva gold ring, The Ramp necklace

A day full of errands. Gold overload was my theme that day. A loose top + comfy skirt were the right duo for the hectic day.

Of course you still have to do your errands with “style”. Accessorize and wear heels. Those two can make a big difference.

Thinking of perming my hair again. Should I do it? :-)

Anyway, thanks to my blog readers for making my 2011 such a great, great year! Salamat dahil winelcome niyo ko with open arms and for being so supportive :)

PS. Thank you to all those who prayed for me! Just got discharged from the hospital and I’m very happy because I won’t spend NYE there.

Have a happy (&healthy) 2011!

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