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Thursday, January 5, 2012 —

Say hello to this beautiful sequined dress with a tutu-ish skirt!! Thanks to my new clothing sponsor (they are my first international sponsor), I WEAR SIN :)

I WEAR SIN dress

I’m a sucker for anything sheer and sequined so imagine my excitement when I found out that this kind of dress exists! :D 

I think what I like most (well after the sequins) about this dress is that it has a really cute sweetheart cut. 

Kept other things simple. Wore my new Timex watch (thanks SM Accessories for this!), chandelier-like earrings from The Ramp & my trusty glittery pumps from SM.

What do you think of this dress? :) 

PS I finally said goodbye to my ridiculous uneven colored hair!! :) Will post photos of my new hair soon :-) Whee! New year, new hair. 

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