Starting 2012 right!

Monday, January 2, 2012 —

Hola everyone!!! :) How was your new year? Mine was really chill. I didn’t go out with my friends to party because I’m still recovering from my sickness. But it’s dandy :) Health comes first!

Wore this to a shoot. The weather was cooperative that day so we had fun taking outfit photos :) This silk floral maxi dress is from Heir Clothing. It’s like a painting turned into a dress! It’s sexy yet classy. Plus I loved that it made me look tall(er)!

Heir Clothing maxi dress. Visit their stall in Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center.

Definitely wearing this dress again when I go to the beach or something. I adore the vibrant colors, print, and the fabric used. Thanks for this Heir Clothing!!! :-)

Fresh starts & happy hearts this 2012! :D So excited because I know in my heart that I will rock this year! My motto is dream hard, work harder & pray hardest. :) What’s yours? 

Happy new year darlings! x

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