A night of a thousand fantasies

Monday, March 19, 2012 —

Prom dresses/gowns these days are so much better compared to what we had during our time :( My prom was 6 years ago :o I’m old :| NOT. Hehe! I wore a simple asymmetrical gown made by the awesome Randy Ortiz. I actually went stag… :p But later that night, my crush left his date and went out with me and my friends. HAHAHA such an interesting night! 

Look I had SUPER short hair back then!

I actually wore slippers (at least havaianas LOL!) during my prom. Well I wore a long gown so people didn’t really notice (only my friends). I was a weird aspiring rockstar back then. I hated heels. I didn’t like dressing up. Hehe. Wala sa vocabulary ko ang fashion noon… obviously. Haha! #regrets joke. I don’t regret anything! I had a happy teenage life! Heehee!

Anyway, enough kwento! I think you guys saw enough! :p

I judged SPCP prom a month ago right? :) I finally found time to blog about it. :)

My co-judges! Had fun with these girls :)

My idol Johnoy Danao was one of the perfomers!!

Cool air acrobatics! (I obviously don’t know what to call this.. thing :p)

The pretty usherettes who approached me & told me that they read my blog! Aww :”) If you see this please gimme your names (I have a bad memory :()! Thanks for taking care of us that night :*

Meet the 2 people who made my night fun! The hosts for the night aka my promdates, Andi & Ramon!

My 1st year adviser, Mrs. Lacap. I still call her mommy :p Heehee! 

Here are my top 10 faves. I decided to cut their faces because I’m not sure if I’m allowed to reveal their identity here in my blog.











Who’s your fave? :) I love girl #10. Her gown is classy and stylish! It’s simple, yes. But the embellishments are divine! Plus, this girl’s really pretty! Well that’s a plus. Haha :p

Of course hindi ko pinalagpas ang pagkakataon! A photo with our highschool principal, Sister Agana. Nakakamiss ang morning sermons niya :))

That night made me miss highschool so so much. Kinda surreal going back to St. Paul to judge a prom :o I felt so old -_- But it’s fine… I spent the night with these 2 oldies who made me feel young! HAHA LOL just kidding Ands & Ramon! :))

Speaking of judging, I’ll be in a grad ball this friday to do what else??? Edi mag judge hehe! So excited for that :p See you, knollers! ;)

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