Baguio Day 1

Friday, March 2, 2012 —

I went to Baguio last weekend to cover the Panagbenga festival for PLDT. Definitely one of my favorite blogging-related trips :) It was so fun being around my girls Ana, Pax & Ava!

What I wore during my first day. See detailed post HERE.

First stop after a very loooooong roadtrip? Lunch in Cafe by the Ruins with my fellow bloggers Ana, Pax, Ava, Calvin, Tia and PLDT people. I’ll do a photodiary of the food we ate soon. I loved this resto. A must-try! Order the kamote bread with kesong puti. It was divine.

After our scrumptious lunch, we finally went to our temporary house in Baguio — Villa Editha. Look at our view!! :) Ana, Pax, Ava, and I just bonded during our “rest time” ;) Chikahan galore! Got to know the girls better. It was only the beginning… :)

Changed my outfit. I know, I know. This isn’t really a Baguio-friendly outfit. HAHA. Weirdo on the loose!

Took outfit photos in the balcony. Breathtaking view! 

Went around Baguio around 5pm. Traffic was horrible. Good thing there’s PLDT WiFi in some parts of Baguio so I was able to tweet, check my email and blog while I was stuck in traffic :) I was so amazed. PLDT WiFI saved me from boredom.

This is us being silly in Minesview Park. Pax and I got a lot of stares. (FEELING HONGKONG EH!) I had so much fun with these girls to the point I forgot to take photos. We bought street food and pasalubongs, ate taho, played with my walis tambo (my dad asked me to buy one LOL), and laughed like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously. We kept joking around =)) that’s all I can remember. Everything was blurry because we kept on making hirits! CRAZY!! :)) Oh. We kept singing “Kung Ayaw mo Wag Mo” by Rivermaya (Hi to my Mama Sarah Tirona wink wink). I tweeted some lines from the song. May pagkabitter ang peg! Ang lamig kasi sa Baguio. I blame the weather for my sudden emo state! Haha!!

Look how attached we are to our gadgets! :)) We had to wait to be seated in Zola so of course, what else did we do? :p Look at my serious face LOOOL! I was trying to blog using my phone, okay. Surprisingly, the connection was fast. I got to do my cyber errands! I love how PLDT WiFi contributed to my productivity. I’m such a workaholic :| :|

Dinner in Zola for our first night. We kept eating in Baguio. I think that’s why Pax, Ana and I DOT DOT DOT hahahaha *toot* ONE BIG ANYWAY… after eating we went around and shopped in SM Baguio. Really funny moment c/o Anagon. She did something ridiculous! HAHA! Definitely one for the books! :p

We got tired so we decided to chill in Starbucks. Coffee and tea time for the lolas. Look at the 4 of us :) MATCHING BEANIES! Cute, right? Heehee. After an hour, we walked to 18BC bar (HONGKONG STYLE again—- meaning we walked more than 5k siguro!) to watch my friends’ gig.

The boys of Spongecola (Gosh, Yael, Armo, Tedmark). I’m so glad we got to watch their gig. Haven’t seen these boys in a while. Thank you Spongeboys! I missed you guys :)

Awesome performance, as usual. Pax, Ana, Ava, and I had so much fun singing our hearts out. Damang dama ko pa cos I was so emo that night and the songs were patama HAHA. 

Alcohol-free at 1 in the morning :) Eventhough Yael was offering drinks, (B.I ka HAHA just kidding!) we refused to do so because we had work the next day. #responsiblegirls LOL

And that’s all folks! Baguio day 2 kwento tomorrow!

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