Lola's nightout

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 —

Everything about this outfit screams “LOLA!”

Top - Mango, Palazzos - Rockwell

Lola mode means lola outfit! I’m not used to going out at night anymore :s You know you’re getting old when you choose sleep over nightouts!

Chose these two pieces for 2 reasons: 1) I was lazy 2) The top & palazzos are so comfy! Perfect match :D

Scarf prints = my new weakness hahaha

So where did I wear this ensemble? SM Accessories launch & Nuffnang’s “birthday” party! :D

Hello Borough! One of my fave restos :D Look for my nametag :p

With Tippy of the Googly Gooeys, Kring of Funnysexy, Tin of Fashion Ate the World

With Helga! 

With Carlos, Nuffnang’s country manager.

With Trixie, Kring & Tin. 

NAPBAS reunion please! :)

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