Panagbenga 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012 —

I have a reason why I was flooding Twitter last Sunday.

I was so excited for Panagbenga because 1) I love Baguio 2) I have a fascination with flowers 3) I really wanted to attend this festival. So imagine my excitement when PLDT got me to cover the event. I didn’t think twice. I fixed my schedule and went to Baguio asap. See my Baguio Day 1 kwento HERE :)

During the parade, we stayed in the balcony of the PLDT office so we got to watch without all the hassle ;) I love it! Plus, I was able to surf the net while watching. Talk about multitasking! I really love how PLDT wifi aids my productivity. ;)

This is me surfing the net. I was checking my emails, posting tweets & photos. I also got to chat with my friends. Updated them about Panagbenga since we all had plans of going but they backed out on me :( Haha! I had fun making them regret. The wifi connection was pretty fast to the point I got so hooked to the iPad. Almost forgot about the parade eventhough I was so excited. #truestory #internetisevil 

So to those who weren’t able to go, lemme show you my top 10 fave floats!

1) ANGRY BIRDS!!! So adorable! Epic opener ;)

Here’s my favorite (because I’m a geek haha)

Can you guess what float it is?

2) STAR WARS!!!!!

I squealed when I saw ze characters. 

3) SM. I loved the vibrant dragon! 

4) TV5.

5) GMA 7’s My Beloved. Say hello to Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera.

6) Nestea

7) ABS-CBN’s SHOWTIME!!!! I was screaming Vice’s name but he didn’t hear me, obviously :p

8) SMART!!! ;) Simply amazing!

9) Dr. Seuss!!!! Childhood fave.

10) Casino float! Perfect for the finale. I thought it was beautiful and classy. Paradiso-inspired.

What’s your favorite float? :) 

We all had fun watching the parade! It was my first time to attend Panagbenga festival and I must say, it was one for the books :) Such an amazing experience because I was so in-touch with technology during the whole trip. Perfect for workaholics like me :p Still got to have fun eventhough I had some work stuff to do. PLDT wifi, you are my savior!

Where do you want PLDT wifi to go next? Boracay for labor day weekend? Bacolod for Masskara? Let me know. 

THANK YOU PLDT for this wonderful opportunity!!! :)

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