Asteria: Miriam highschool grad ball

Sunday, April 15, 2012 —

Last month I was invited to judge the grad ball of Miriam highschool. It was a great experience! Ava was my co-judge! :D Obviously, the theme was GALAXY so we wore sequin dresses! :)

Hosts Chico & Delamar!


My personal fave, Anthea. Her dress was made by the amazing Delby Bragais! I love that she followed the theme (galaxy). Corset covered in jewel-toned gems + black tutu = absolutely fantastic! She won Belle of the Night :)

Classy long gowns! Pastel, lace, peplum = ♡

Short dresses with eye-catching embellishments.

Draping is definitely in.

My friend Idem who won best-dressed (guy). No, I am not biased! He deserves it :) He’s the only one who wore white tux.

Prom queen & king. This girl had an amazing gown. Plus, she followed the theme. And obviously, they’re such a cute couple! Ultimate win ;)

Congrats Miriam Highschool batch 2012! Have fun in college :)

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