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Friday, April 27, 2012 —

Figure-conscious. That’s probably the best description for the people around me; actually including myself! My friends and I try different kinds of diet methods and slave ourselves in the gym. And no, that is not a bad thing as long as you do those things properly. Being figure-conscious means taking good care of your body and wanting to maintain a good physique.

You don’t only need proper exercise, diet and healthy food intake to achieve a great figure. You also need the right undergarments to support your assets. Imagine having a rocking body but you’re wearing ill-fitting brassieres and panties? Do you think you’ll look great?

WACOAL knows the best undergarment suited for your body and age.

Here’s how a woman’s body changes through the years:

We can’t stop aging but we can maintain a beautiful body at any age by:

1.    Proper diet.

Eat only healthy food. It’s okay to have a cheat day but make sure you get the right nutrients your body needs!

2.    Exercise regularly.

This is hard for most people especially for the people who are busy. But I suggest you make time for it. Jog before / after going to work, do crunches before you sleep, swim on weekends. If you can’t do those, do small things like walking from one place to the other if it’s just near. That way you save gas plus you get to exercise. A hectic schedule is not a valid excuse. If other busy people can do it, why can’t you?

 3.    Avoid alcohol & smoking.

The deadly combo. If you drink alcohol, you ruin your liver. If you smoke, you harm your lungs. Smoking can make your skin ugly and drinking can make your gut bigger. Why would you want to do those things to yourself? The CONS of doing these vices are so detrimental. I can go on forever in explaining why you shouldn’t do these or if you already are, why you should STOP smoking and drinking but this may sound like a sermon already.

4.    Choose undergarments that will provide support according to body shape.

I didn’t know about this till the people from WACOAL explained how to properly choose the right undergarments for your body type. I used to buy lingerie without fitting it but I didn’t know that you should! FIT is important and even how you wear them! :o


Here are proper ways on how you wear a bra (I was surprised about this. I didn’t know there are rules in wearing one! But trust me, your babies will look better with the bra after following the steps!)

Honestly, I never really cared about these things (I buy lingerie because I find them cute, that’s all!) until I found out you have to wear the right underwear suited for your age. Wacoal has different undergarments that are tailor-fitted to different age groups.

For the women in their 20’s, your underwear should emphasize the shape of your breasts, waists and hips.

For the women in their 30’s, your brassieres should have underwire, pads and side panels with reinforced fabric/bone and stock up on girdles.

For the women in their 40’s, your bras should have wider straps and side panels to support breasts, shoulders and back.

Awesome to know these things, right? I was so lucky I had a consultation with Wacoal people and they helped me find the right undergarments that are fit for my age and body type.

I got a corset (that can be used as underwear or a top!), cute lace bra with underwire, seamless panties (I love fitted clothes with thin fabrics! Seamless underwear is a must!), and a girdle that I can wear with my super-fitted dresses (this can help me avoid bulges!)

I still want so many things…. look!

I believe lingerie can make a woman feel so sexy! With Wacoal, look your best at any age!

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