I look taller!

Monday, April 23, 2012 —

Say hello to my colorful outfit that made me look tall(er) HAHAHA!! :-) Wore this when I had a meeting with Rayban ;)

Top and pants from SM, shoes from ALDO, Clutch from F21

I was sweating buckets when I was shooting this outfit! Intense heat… why why why!!

Chose 3 colors for my outfit: blue, violet & white. I am in love with the blue-violet combination. Obsessed with these colors. Especially if they’re pastel! Anyway, I’m actually selling the beaded bracelets I’m wearing in the 2nd photo. BUT… they’re out of stock right now. I wish I have time to go to my supplier!! If you want to order, email me! 

Okay!! It’s time to pack for my Boracay trip! Toodles :>

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