Malasimbo Day 2

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 —

Way overdue Malasimbo post! Remember my trip to Puerto Galera last March? Well, it’s because I worked in the Malasimbo Music Festival. I can truly say this trip is one for the books. I was introduced to a whole different world. I mingled with people who have the same level of passion when it comes to music. Everyone had interesting stories and quirks. I was an artist liaison so I had to take care of bands. I had a crazy and great time with them! It’s amusing to meet artists who have different views about life and music… (to be continued)

Enough talk for now. Time to show you DAY 2 photos :> Yes, I took all these photos! Photographer mode on because I’m writing a magazine article abt Malasimbo :-)

Malasimbo Day 3 post tomorrow :)

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