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Monday, April 9, 2012 —

I’m forever awkward in front of the camera. My friends and relatives know that! They actually got surprised I started blogging because you know, being a blogger means taking gazillion outfit photos of yourself. If you noticed, I post photodiaries every other day so you don’t get sick of my face. :p 


2 weeks ago, I had the chance to have a photoshoot for SM Parisian. I was so kilig because Parisian is one of the leading shoe brands here in the Philippines plus the photographer was THE Niko Villegas.

I was shaking the entire time. SM Parisian people were taking photos of me and some were directing my poses. I had the right to be nervous! Luckily, my blogger friends were cheering for me! I love them :”)

So here’s a photodiary of what happened. The photoshoot itself lasted for 10 minutes but we were in the event place from 9am to 2pm. Had fun preparing and bonding with my loves!

The venue (Elite Manila) looked chic and busy when I got in. We were greeted by name tags/plates (talk about prepared & personalized, I loved it!) and of course, SM Parisian shoes! Those two were my choices cos I realized, I don’t have bright heels. It’s time to make a change! ;)

Hair & make-up time with Cheys and Patrish. I love these two. Chikahan portion while having our hair & makeup done by the awesome people from Max Factor!

BTS (Thanks Bestie for taking my BTS photos!)

Say hello to the stiff slash awkward girl. During that moment, I realized how hard it is to pose and smile. So proud of my model friends for being so natural and awesome. Please teach me!

Patrish and I goofing around! I missed this girl :)

My piglet partner, Cheys! We bonded that day over… food. Bizu catered the event so you know what happened ;) My tummy was totally satisfied after the shoot!

Group shots! ;)

Curlytops!! Hahahaha. 

The girls from SM who took care of us. Thank you so so much :) This is my fave event (as a blogger) so far! Unique and super mega fun ;)

This is one of my photos. Please (pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!) vote for me HERE :) You can vote 3x a day. If you vote, you’ll get a chance to win 10k GCs from SM Parisian. Thanks in advance and spread the word! ♡

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