Stuck in the fifties

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 —

What I wore to the SM Parisian shoot 2 weeks ago :)

Coexist dress, SM Parisian shoes & clutch bag, Nava shades

We all had to wear summer outfits. The design of the dress screams “BEACH! SUMMER! PARADISE” for me. It’s very resortwear 2012! I didn’t wanna pile up on accessories because with this heat it’s quite impossible to put so many “add ons” when dressing up and also, I’m lazy & I want to achieve the minimalist vibe.

Didn’t realize I look like a teenage girl or FINE maybe woman during the 50’s era until I saw these photos. I think it’s because of the curly hair (to be honest I hate this kind of curls. I look like goldilocks :| I wanted the soft/wavy/magulo ones!) & the Prada-ish round shades. Actually, the dress looks like it came from the fifties era. Vintage!

Loving my new orange YSL tribute-ish heels from SM Parisian ;)

Anyway, I have a little favor. Please vote for me! If I win the Parisian Blogger contest, SM Parisian will be giving away 10k GCs for my lovely readers!! :) You can vote for me 3x a day HERE :)


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