Thursday, May 24, 2012 —

When you wake up 20 mins before class, you panic like crazy and forget to switch on your brain. That’s what happened to me last week. My class is at 1pm and I woke up at 1240 :| Didn’t have time to pause & ponder on my outfit. So to cut the story short, this is my no-brainer outfit :D I wasn’t THAT late. Got to school at 120. MIRACLE !!! :D

Say hi to my super straight hair. Nope, never had my hair rebonded. I was born with dull hair… zzzz

Top from The Ramp courtesy of Candy Magazine, skirt from Oxygen, shoes from SM, earrings courtesy of AI ONLINE SHOP

Loving my new scarf print top!!! Ahhhhh. There’s really something about scarf prints that can amp up your outfit in an instant! 

No accessories except for this pretty dangling earrings from AI ONLINE SHOP. 

I really love taking my outfit shots in school!!! Hahahaha! Thank you Tippy Sy for taking my photos!:)

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