Beautiful goodbye

Saturday, June 30, 2012 —

I want to share with you guys what I did this week. I’m thinking of doing this every Saturday! Like give you a blow-by-blow account of my week? Hmm whatchuthink? :) Anyway, here goes my kwento!! PS I’m SUPER talkative.

Sunday - my birthday! Went to church to praise God and thank Him for all the blessings He has given me :) Had dinner in Myron’s, Rockwell with papa (BLUE CHEESE STEAK I WUV YOU) then he brought me to my kabarkada’s house. Chilled with my awesome friends Ikya, Pisha, Migol, Chuck & Marco. I got teased like crazy but y’know what… that’s true friendship. HAHAHA.

Monday - Had to source for my shoot so I went to Megamall with papa. Went to BEAUTY & BUTTER to get an eyelash extension. Loving my long lashes :-) Thanks Beauty & Butter! Had dinner in Pancake House. I was so distracted that day so I just ate my heart out. Hahaha!

Tuesday - Went to Glorietta to have lunch in Cibo with my bestfriendsis Kara (thanks for the treat bfs!) then we attended the Plains & Prints Media Launch. Liz Uy is the new face of P&P! Nice :) Walked to Greenbelt to meet up with Kara’s mom Tita Peachy then we had early dinner in Mesa. I was supposed to go to an event but I wasn’t in the mood so I just went to Forever 21 & shopped! Guilt-free shopping cos I used GCs! :p

Wednesday - Lunch in Casa Marcos, Burgos Circle (will write about this resto soon) with Anina, her boyfriend & Joni! It was actually a lunch meeting cos Anina (the awesome owner of Mauve) gave me accessories!! Thanks “bestie” ;) Such a fun lunch. Great food + company! Plus they surprised me with a cake + candle. Aww!! Thanks Joni for the treat! After that fattening session, I went to Nuffnang to visit aka chikahan portion with Trixie & Carlos. Because of our intense emo talks (LOL), I realized I was already running late for my next “appointment” so I rushed to Rockwell. Finally got to bond with the uber busy Sam! My friend Kim picked me up then we had dinner in Nav with Anna. Well, they ate in Nav but I ordered food in Uncle Moes (Kofta balls, marry me!). Hungout at Kim’s house with Anna & Nobs. Was so glad to see my friends who I super missed!!! :)

Thursday - Did pullouts in Mega & Shang. Had merienda with Papa in Cibo then Lyns & I braved the rush hour traffic to go to Rockwell. First day of Zara Sale!!! Got the jacket I needed :”) Dinner in Kulinarya with my clingy barkada Lyns, Mark, Heds & Jay. 5TH WHEEL AGAIN!! Hahahaha :P Izzz fine.. lol. We had dessert in Starbucks then Ea joined us! Fun(ny) night full of kulitan & kasabawan!

Friday - Rockwell AGAIN. Yes folks, it’s my second home. Went crazy at the Topshop sale & bumped into the beautiful Solenn Heussaff - my forever girlcrush!! Finally got to complete my outfit for the Preview ball! I need to not eat next week cos of the ensemble I prepared!! :O Hahaha! Dinner in Mamou with Papa. I will forever crave for their truffle cream pasta :p~ Met up with Diggy, Chari, Paulina, Adi & Ira before attending Nuffnang’s special screening of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN :-) I think I fell in love with Andrew Garfield AND Emma Stone. Both are super adorable!! Ahhhh!! Starbucks takeout after the movie. :) Spent my friday night watching Awkward & Suits. 

So there!! Full of fragments & run-ons, don’t kill me grammar nazis!! HAHA.

It’s a Saturday and my love Jasmine is arriving today!!!!!!!!!! :D Sleepover tonight, can’t wait!!!

One big anyway, here’s an instagrammified photodiary of how I spent the last week of my birthday month!

FRIENDS + FAMILY + FASHION + FOOD = FUN :) My fantastic life formula!!! Lol. Hope everyone had a great week! God bless you all.

PS. Curious why my title is “Beautiful Goodbye”? Well it’s my current LSS (A Maroon 5 song, from their newest album “Overexposed”) plus I think it’s ultimately fitting for my last post this June. Adios June aka my birthday month!

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