Birthday dress

Sunday, June 24, 2012 —

Oh my gosh. I’m 23! :O 

Dress from Zara, shoes from Aldo, charmbracelet from Anne Klein

Mint green and peplum. My current trend faves. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this dress. Plus if you look closely, the fabric used is tweed. Another trend I’m starting to like!

My new style icon is Kate Middleton. Lately if you’ve noticed, I have been crazy obsessed with dresses and minimalism! This is insane. :p Haha! 

Funny short kwento, last night was my birthday eve (obviously). My friends were asking me about plans but I didn’t have any. So instead, I went to Bside for Fete De La Musique then went to my beckyfriend’s condo to read a book, listen to Adele, and to watch One More Chance! I went home before 12 & slept early (this is a miracle :O) Haha! 

I’m such a boring birthday celebrant. I’m not a fan of parties and whatnot. Last year, I spent my birthday week with only one person! Haha but yeah things change and… yeah :p This year feels so different. Whew! I actually don’t know what I’m going to do today. Perhaps go to Rockwell to have lunch with my dad, do a little shopping, go to church, and then get a massage. Sounds good! Hope my plan for today goes well. Cheers! x

PS thanks to the people who greeted me ♡

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