Boracay photodiary 2

Thursday, June 28, 2012 —

Here’s the second half of my Boracay post!

Eventful. It’s the perfect adjective that can describe my fourth day in Boracay. As usual, we stayed in Sur & Two Seasons for Happy Hour. I saw a lot of friends and everyone made me drink :)) I didn’t get hit this time because I had to stay sober. We made plans to go to Shangri-La Boracay that night (I’ll do a separate blog post on that). After our scrumptious buffet, I met up with my new friends and some went skinny dipping :O Haha! I won’t mention who you guys are but HELLO ;) Of course I didn’t do that cos I’m corny and conservative. But perhaps someday I will! =P Partied in Epic till 3am and decided to chill with my girlfriends & wait for sunrise. I got bored while waiting so I walked around with my trusty cellphone flashlight. Guess what? I saw 500 & 100 peso bills and coinsl! :p SO FUNNY!!! My friends were telling me I can make a living out of it. Treasure hunting LOL. Realized I can do it every night and finally be a beach bum (one of my weird dreams). We used the money we found for breakfast. What an amazing day! I love my friends for understanding my silly side. :)) 

My last (full) day was bittersweet. I spent the afternoon with my loves Lissa & Zarah. We had lunch, chilled in their room (danced in front of the mirror with Lissa HAHAHA LOL), and drank with some friends. Saw Derek Ramsay playing frisbee (!!!) My heart went boom boom pow. Seriously. Haha!! Dream boyfriend right there. LOL! One big anyway, had heart-to-heart talks with my friends while waiting for sunset. Was finally able to gather my college barkada so we drank and swam during dinnertime :p Had the best time with these people :”) I got so hungry after so I dragged Sam to Dmall. He lost his slippers so he walked around barefoot. I was so ashamed (for him) HAHA! Ended the night with my roomies in District. Sadness dawned upon us cos we were already leaving the next day. :(

No photos of my last (half) day but I had breakfast in Real Coffee with my good friend Jorel. First time to try calamansi muffin! The owner gave me a free one! I’ll never forget that :”) Rode the trike (one last time huhu) and bam! Hello airport, hello Manila, hello reality.

Realization for this year’s Boracay trip? 6 days = NOT ENOUGH. Next year, my barkada and I will stay there for a week. Our peg? “Kalimutan ng buhay sa Manila!” HAHAHA!!! Crossing my fingers our plan pushes through.

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