Friday, June 8, 2012 —

Running out of blog titles… zzzzz. Wore this to the Bloggers United Bazaar last Saturday!

Dress courtesy of TOMATO, necklace courtesy of HANG TEN, ring from UNICA HIJA c/o Ayala Malls, shoes from PAYLESS

I still remember my last year’s outfit for Bloggers United. I wore a loose top, leather vest, red bodycon skirt, and black wedges. My style was way different back then. It was edgy. But now, since I think I’m getting old (or perhaps I’m just becoming more girly), I prefer ladylike stuff. In short, I go for the classy pieces now.

Opted for this dress because of its gorgeous draping. Paired it with silver/goldish fringe necklace & shoes.

Ack ugly roots -_____- Must have my roots retouched! Anyway, there’s something different about my hair. Did you notice it? I changed the “hati” HEHE no more side bangs! Sorry for my big forehead :)) Hmm so yeah… Do you like it? Y/N? =))) Lol

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