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Friday, June 22, 2012 —

I’ve always wondered why aren’t there any salons in Bonifacio Highstreet. Finally, God answered my question when I found out that there’s a newly opened salon called THE LIST :)

Clean, classy, and chic. I love the minimalist vibe of the salon. Reminds me of salons in New York. Simplicity really IS the key!

I got a digiperm because I’m already bored with my long, dull hair. What’s cool is that they have 5 different kinds of perm: traditional, digital, volume, collagen & combination. It depends on what kind of curls you want to achieve. It’s the first time I encountered a salon that has 5 different kinds of perm. Usually salons only have the traditional & digital perm. 

Also, I was so amazed because it didn’t sting when they were doing the whole process. Plus the products smell so good. I asked why and found out they use organic products. 5 stars for this aspect! I have some friends who are scared to color their hair and whatnot because they don’t want to damage their crowning glory (who wants that, right? :p). So if you’re a first timer aka you have virgin hair, I think this is the best place for you.

THE LIST also has dermatology and spa services located on the second floor. It’s a one- stop destination for all your pampering needs!

To those who are curious how my hair turned out, here are some photos :)

I love my new hair! DO YOU LOVE IT? I love eeeeeeet! :D Thanks THE LIST for my new hair + great service :)

THE LIST is located in Bonifacio Highstreet, beside 7th high. 

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