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Wednesday, June 20, 2012 —

Yesterday, I went to THE LIST in Highstreet (a new salon beside 7th high) and decided to change my hairstyle. I think I already talked about the usual reason why I do it. Everytime I get heartbroken (in any aspect), I cut my hair. Before you assume, no. I didn’t get heartbroken this time. I just needed a change; a fresh start. Since my birthday is already nearing and I’m SO bored with my uberlong dull hair, I thought, why not take a risk and perm my hair? I was contemplating on getting a pixie cut but I don’t have the guts to do it (yet) plus I love my long locks so much. So here it is! More photos under the cut :)

Dress courtesy of AMOUR, shoes courtesy of VNC, earrings courtesy of THE LITTLE THINGS SHE NEEDS, blazer from a rockwell bazaar

Oh my goodness!!!! I look so girly with my new hair. Hahaha I look like a fragile little girl. Chos. I love it :D They had to trim my hair cos it was TOO long. I’m glad they did :) 

Looks like my dress matches my shoes! Galing. I was supposed to go all out print on print dressing by wearing a printed cardigan but then I saw this pink pastel blazer I’ve forgotten. Kawawa naman siya sa closet ko plus I’m conservative (CHOS) so I wore one. Parang di ko keri magtube lang eh… HAHAHA

I’ll post about the salon where I had my hair permed tomorrow. ABANGAN! :)

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