Monday, June 18, 2012 —

I think my new fave color is WHITE! Been checking Zara and all I can say is Waaaaaw :”) Pretty white / pastel-colored clothes!!! 

Top from The Ramp courtesy of Summit Media, flats courtesy of SM Parisian, necklace courtesy of Things That Matter, watch from Wade courtesy of Ayala Malls

Wore this to school. Decided to wear flats because IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Haha seriously. I’ve been wearing heels to school and been forgetting they are a major no no if you’re going to use the sewing machine. 

Finally got to wear my new flats from Parisian! It’s so hard to use this because it’s maroon. Luckily, the flower design of my top matches the color of the flats. Yay! So matchy matchy lol. Of course I don’t have to explain why I was just wearing a bronze necklace. Yknow… minimalism. Hahahah

People kept calling me hubadera when they saw me! Excuse me friends :p I was wearing a bodycon skirt! Hahaha.

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