Alter ego

Monday, July 30, 2012 —
Sometimes, I like to unleash my alter ego and dress up like a hipster. LOL. I kid! This is what I wore to my friend’s BBQ hipster birthday party. 


Top, skirt, bra, boots courtesy of Forever 21 (except for the boots), leather vest from SM, braided bracelets courtesy of Quirkypedia

Channelling my inner Effy Stonem (you won’t get this if you don’t watch SKINS UK!).  Thank you to my shopping buddy, Dani Barretto, for telling me to get the top + skirt! I got them last thursday at the F21 MOA VIP launch. My boots are from Forever 21 too but they’re old! Only wore 2 braided bracelets cos the ensemble was already vomiting colors. :P

I love the neon tribal thing going on. The patterns match perfectly! So I thought, why not balance it out with a black vest + boots? So, what do you think? With or without the vest? 

My neon pink brassiere is peeking out. I know it’s a hot trend but I can’t pull it off. So I wore a vest to hide it :P 

That’s all folks! Praying for a great week :D God bless you all.

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  1. This if my all time favorite outfit from your all your posts! :) You should definitely unleash your alter ego more.

    xoxo Raffi ♥


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