Sunday, July 22, 2012 —
Feeling fallen angel ang peg ko after wearing this ensemble! All white + gold accessories! Kulang nalang halo? Haha kidding! :)

Top from Frou frou (old), skirt courtesy of Soul Lifestyle, heels from Aldo, necklace courtesy of Vise Versa, belt from Nava, bag courtesy of Unica Hija

I think it’s just my second time to wear an all-white outfit. I feel 100x more dainty. I used to love the color black, but I think I have a new fave ;) 

It is my second time to wear a mullet skirt. The first one was black! I look so grunge back then. 

Sorry for my uber messy hair! Lissa and I had a “shoot” a few days ago and we were each other’s photographer. No assistant or whatsoever so haggardo versoza talaga! This was my last outfit so pawis hilton lang to the highest level :P Thank you Lissa for being so patient!! Love you babe alamoyan :)

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