Clean slate

Friday, July 27, 2012 —
What I wore to the Forever 21 opening in Mall of Asia :-)


Top from some random store in US, shorts from Zara, heels from Payless, watch courtesy of XOXO

Came from a shoot so I wore something really laidback. As you can see, I’ve been so obsessed with the color white. Is white even a color? I know it’s not. I read it somewhere but I can’t further explain it cos I’m not so sure what it really is! Haha. ONE BIG ANYWAY, I need more (white) clothes in my life!!!!!!

We shot this around 530 so Mr. Sun was already setting :( So I’m sorry for the blurry photos! Ana (HELLO GIRL!!!) was struggling with my manual lens also. It’s really hard to use. :’( 

So why is my title “clean slate”? Well I feel like a new person. No more bitterness towards the past :) I feel so free and happy with everything. Thank you Lord! Kaya to those who have anger in their hearts, let go and let God. Don’t let negativity or your emotional baggage affect you :D Move on and stay optimistic! Trust God and His majestic plans for you :)

Good day everyone!! x

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