Great Northern Sale in SM North Edsa

Saturday, July 14, 2012 —

It’s PAYDAY Friday! Time to reward yourself with retail therapy this weekend at the Great Northern Sale in SM North Edsa.

Tin and I have been so stressed with work (me) and school (her) this week so we decided to check out the stores in SM North Edsa The Block to do some serious shopping. 

First stop, FOREVER 21! Accessories as low as 90, tops as low as 300 and dresses as low as 500! Shoes and bags are also on sale too. I was so overwhelmed to see pretty clothes with such pretty price tags (meaning affordable stuff)! No wonder the line in the cashier was so long. People were going crazy in F21!

Next stop, UNA ROSA. If you’re looking for chic tops, party dresses, fashionable officewear, I think this is the best store for you. Almost all of their items are 50% off. The price drop is crazy! I like this store so much because all the pieces are so unique yet wearable.

Third stop, COMFIT. It’s actually my first time to check out their shop. When I tried a pair, they actually live up to their name “COMFIT” The shoes I tried on were so COMfortable & they FIT really well. Plus all their shoes look so dainty! 

Next stop, SO FAB! For as low as 299, you can already get a pair of gorgeous shoes! I was so happy to see a sea of shoes and I guess that makes 20 of us who were inside the store that time. I tell you, the store was packed! Hurry before you run out of fab shoes!

Fifth stop, CMG. I fell in love with their flats and bags!! Girls out there, if you’re bringing your mom with you to this sale, I suggest you go to CMG. I assure you that both of you will love the place. They have shoes and bags that are perfect for teens and workingwomen. 

Next stop, ALDO. This is one of my favorite shoe slash accessories shops. When they say it’s sale, the items are REALLY 50% off or more. Been looking for new party shoes and accessories? I suggest you go to Aldo because they have everything you need! Statement shoes, stunning accessories, and one-of-a-kind clutch bags! 

Enough of shoe stores (obviously I’m a shoeaholic…). I also dropped by Mango. It’s my go-to place whenever I want a new dress or just a casual outfit. They have feminine, grunge, classic, preppy, laidback pieces for all the types of fashionistas out there. You can get a top for 395 and jeans for 995 and viola! Less than 1500 and you already have a complete outfit. You can also get dresses for as low as 595. 

Last stop, XOXO. I guess I saved the best for last! Everything in the store is discounted. Even the regular prices are 10% off. The items are really trendy yet classy.  Plus the store design is so posh! It may look intimidating but trust me, the prices are affordable. 

Northerners (even southerners) who want a great shopping experience, head on over to SM North Edsa this weekend (July 14 & 15). Shop, dine, and bond with your family & friends. It’s the perfect place where you can de-stress!

Happy shopping everyone!! 

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