Modern Toilet, Taiwan

Thursday, July 5, 2012 —

Because a lot of people are requesting for this…

Your wish is my command!

Here’s the first part of my Taiwan trip. Because I loved this restaurant so much, I think it deserves a separate blog post. 

To tell you guys honestly, this resto was one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Taiwan. It’s actually just a secondary reason cos my priority was to see JERRY YAN. But of course it didn’t happen. *crack* Can you hear that? It’s my heart breaking.

One big anyway, we ate here in Modern Toilet during our first day in the Land of Milk Tea (Taipei). I was so amazed when I entered the place but I expected it to be bigger. 

We had to wait for like 45 minutes to be seated. Yup. The place was packed! We decided to roam around first. Modern Toilet is near the cutest shopping place in Taiwan. But since I am a traveler who has REALLY bad memory, I can’t give you the name of the place -_-  

Cute seats! Oh and look at the lights & wall designs!! Poop and shower nozzle! :p Please understand the overflowing exclamation points. I really loved the place :) I wasn’t grossed out, at all.

My lunch dates slash travel buddies, Trish & Ches:)

While waiting for our food, we wrote on the table :P

Here we go! Pigout time. Food was okay; nothing superb and the price was reasonable. I wasn’t disappointed cos I really went there to see the place and the toilet-inspired plates! *dying of cuteness*

After eating I decided to take photos. I got curious what their bathroom looks like. I wanted to see if there’s anything special/unusual…

LOOK! A toilet bowl sink. LOL. I couldn’t wash my hands. I was grossed out this time. HAHA

Of course we were on tourist mode so we took photos! “How To Poo with Style” feat. the Ayson cousins. LOL!!!

More Taiwan posts tomorrow!! x Toodles!


  1. I think the shopping place you are referring to is Ximending. though I am not sure since modern toilet has a branch in Shilin. :)

  2. I think the shopping place you are referring to is Ximending. Though I am not sure since modern toilet has also a branch in Shilin night market :P


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