Preview best dressed ball 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012 —

When I found out about the theme of this year’s Preview ball, I was so problematic cos luxe sportswear is not my thing. It was such a challenge for me to come up with an outfit without any help from a designer. I just depended on Zara & Topshop and prayed I can create a decent ensemble. Good thing the outfit somehow worked (I’d like to think it did…) I was so glad to see peoples’ interpretation of athletic chic.

Sharing you some photos :-) 

1) DJ Mars Miranda 

2) Preview fashion editor, Anna (aka the girl who taught me how to be a hubadera LOL)

3) My forever ganda friend, Gretch ;)

4) Bloggers Kookie & Alyssa

5) Date #1: Fons

6) Date #2: Diane

7) Date #3: Alyssa

8) Preview editor-in-chief Pauline Juan wearing Vania Romoff

9) My favorite from the best dressed list this year, Linda Ley wearing Rajo Laurel

10) Preview Best Dressed 2012

11) Mark from Stylebible wearing Kermit Tesoro

12) Loving Jyle’s sequined dress!

13) Missed these two :)

14) My cousin Cheskie!

15) My buddy Enzo who didn’t follow the theme! But he still looked so ‘fasyon’ anyway!

16) The Ateneo kiddies who made my night fun :)

17) Preview intern Mandi!

18) In Opus with Bea, Ians, Kim & Tammy!

19) With the drunk girl Stef :p

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