Wednesday, July 18, 2012 —
I realized I have been styling for a year na!! Woot woot :) Anyway, this is my usual uniform. Top, jeans, flats, and a big bag! I want a comfy outfit without sacrificing style. A stylist’s life is not glamorous. I rarely bring an assistant (aka my yaya) so I do everything :D But it’s fun! It’s like dressing up giant barbie dolls.

Top from Taiwan, jeans from Topshop, flats courtesy of Schu, necklace from Celine, bag courtesy of Suy, watch courtesy of XOXO accessories, pink studded bracelet courtesy of Mauve

Messy hair and messy face (no make-up AT ALL :|). Had to shoot this outfit super fast lang cos I was in a shoot! Multitasking at its finest. Sorry naman haggard :)) 

This is my new favorite bag from SUY!! It’s spacious and classy. :) Plus I finally got to wear my new watch from XOXO. Happiness!! I’ve been looking for a gold watch and tadah yayyy!! I want more :”)

I want to wear this top again with pastel pink jeans (or printed floral pants) + gold heels!

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