Sunday, July 29, 2012 —
I only had 2 hours of sleep -_-


Top courtesy of Style Hub, leggings from Topshop, necklace from H&M, shades from Nava, bag from Unica Hija courtesy of Ayala Malls, flats courtesy of SM Parisian, watch from Timex courtesy of SM accessories

I was so uninspired to dress up that day. Because of my work & insomnia, I only got to sleep for 2 hours last Tuesday. It was TERRIBLE! I slept at 9am and woke up at 11am. I got home at 1am. JEEZ. Felt like I was gonna pass out! NEVER AGAIN!

I wore shades because I didn’t want to scare people with my zombiefied face :) Plus, do you love my lip color? Thanks to my bestfriend’s random gift: a Chanel lipstick! I love it to bits :) Love you Jas! :*

Blessed Sunday everyone!!!! :-) Don’t forget to go to church!

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