Calm after the storm

Sunday, August 12, 2012 —

Top - Mango
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Wade
Necklace - The Ramp

My blog's hibernation is finally over! Say hello to my new and improved blog :) I finally moved because people have been telling me that blogspot is better than tumblr (when it comes to blogging). Hope I did the right decision! Thank you Bella Morcen for helping me with my layout. If you want to get her to revamp your blog you can tweet her (@bellamorcen) or email her at (

I went on hiatus for a week because I'm so busy with work, hence, no time to take outfit photos. Plus, the destructive monsoon happened. I think it was inappropriate to blog about my outfits during that time. 

Speaking of what happened, how are you guys doing? To my Filipino readers who were greatly affected, I pray to God that He guides you to the road of recovery and healing. To everyone, please help out by donating clothes, food, basic necessities etc. And of course, pray for them :) 

Meet my college bestfriend, Joh! I'm going to start posting photos of people who takes my photos :) 

No make-up at all! Not even concealer or blush-on. Yikes! Too busy to care. OK! That's all. Have a great week guys!


  1. Hi Ms. Tracy!
    I think we got the same pair of jeans from F21! That's the Life in Progress sea green jeans right? Hihi.

  2. Hi Miss tracy! Love your shoes!

  3. Love the slouchy sweater :)

  4. Ikaw na talaga busy! :) Super bet ko this casualan look! :)

  5. Love the way you dress up!! Simple and Elegant! Xoxo (:

  6. Love the way you dress up! Simple and Elegant!! (: xoxo

  7. I think fresh face is the best! This look's very refreshing. :)

  8. S why so pretty ! :) xoxo -b


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