Cosmo bachelor bash (part 1)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 —
Yes, this is just part one. I had so much fun last night at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. I swear, it was the perfect boyfriend buffet for everyone. 

I held too many hands and said too many Iloveyous. Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 was legen... wait for it... DARY! ;)

Kids, I present to you the Cosmo centerfolds 2012. Click read more to see the swoon-worthy men ;)

Joseph Marco. Cute smile!!

Alden Richards. All grown up, I see.

Semerad twins. Double the fun!

John James Uy is my favorite Spiderman!

Markki Stroem. Feels weird to cheer for you bud but I did!! Haha!!

Mikael Daez, can I please take you home? :)

Ian Batherson. Don't let him catch you ;)

John Spainhour. So sweet cos he went to his girlfriend and kissed her. Naks ;) 

JM De Guzman. Yup! You can take your belt off. ;) 

I'll post more tomorrow! ;) Enjoy the photos! No stealing. If you will, please credit.

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