Game time

Friday, September 14, 2012 —

Funny story. I thought I was going to watch a DLSU game yesterday. So I wore my school colors to show my support. But then when I got to Ultra, FEU vs UP & ADMU vs NU games pala! :)) To be honest with you guys, I'm an Ateneo fan when it comes to UAAP basketball. My friends call me a traitor, balimbing, disgrace etc. whenever I would cheer for Ateneo. I never missed an Ateneo bonfire! That's how much I love their basketball team. Don't get me wrong, I love my school (DLSU) but the Ateneo basketball team = AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF!

Top - my bestfriend's :))
Skirt - Wardrobe Check
Heels - Charles & Keith
Accessories - Mauve
Watch - XOXO

No, I didn't wear heels to the game. I changed into flats. Yesterday was such a busy day. I had errands in the morning plus Bench Universe at night. I didn't even get to sleep & eat! That's how busy I was yesterday :\

I love all my gold accessories from Mauve! If you noticed, my outfit was really simple. Sparkly gold top + tribal bodycon skirt. So dinaan ko nalang sa excessorizing! :p Didn't get to take a photo of my shoes cos nagmamadali na ako to go in and watch the game. Yup. These look shots were taken in Ultra. People were looking at me. Feel ko they were thinking "who is this weirdo and what is she doing?" LOL

If you were watching the game yesterday, I'm sure you saw my haggard face on tv. I was the courtside charmer LOL. One for the books magsmile in front of the camera for 10 seconds. HAHAHA. That's all!



    xx Diana

  2. I love your hair and the way you smile, Tracy! :)

    ♥ Pepang


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