Little miss sunshine

Sunday, September 23, 2012 —

I am perfectly aware that summer is already over and I have to start embracing the dark hues retail shops have been presenting to us consumers. But I can't seem to set aside my love for bold and colorful prints just yet.  

Floral romper - FASHION AVENUE
Hot pink bracelet - MAUVE
Heels - SM Parisian

Plus, the weather is so bipolar! Like when we were taking these look shots, I was sweating buckets!! Thank God for tissue and my camera, it doesn't show :P

My latest addiction: Jamba Juice. Yup! I am so late. :P I can't drink coffee anymore cos I get panic attacks (I seriously don't know why lah!) and I'm already (sort of) sick of milkteas so I am recognizing the existence of shakes! :D

That's all for today folks! 


  1. Ganda mo Tracy!!! :)

    Arnie Villanueva

  2. ganda mo magproject ng smiley-teeth-showing poses! srsly! so fresh!


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