Not over you

Thursday, September 13, 2012 —

I don't think my love for peplum will fade anytime soon.

Top - Wardrobe Check
Jeans - Next Jeans
Ring - Twinkies Inc
Necklace - Mauve
Heels - Zara

Wore this to a very chill late lunch date with my bb, Kirsten aka Anika & a steady night in Borough with my friends. Kirs and I pigged out like there's no tomorrow in Banana Leaf! I haven't eaten anything since yesterday. Yup. I'm THAT full.

I prefer classic over trendy. I have been following trends religiously and oftentimes, I just want to stick to the classics. My ultimate uniform: top, jeans, accessories & heels. 

I'm going to edit this post later when I get home. Or perhaps tomorrow. I'm so busy!! Have to go to Ultra in a bit for the UAAP game. Go DLSU! Go UST ;)

Thank you bb for taking my outfit shots!! Watch her in Angelito. :-)


  1. Simple but definitely gorgeous and elegant!
    Love it, as always :D


  2. I love the classy feel, Tracy! :)



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