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Thursday, September 20, 2012 —
Just want to share with you guys my instagram photos! Snippets of my everyday life. Follow me if you want haha di ako mapilit :p (tracyayson) :)
One of my bestfriends, Jas. :)
My cousin Panot!

Joseph, Mikael, JM, and Markki serving some pandesal realness at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash

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Red velvet & nutella macarons from Moonleaf

Neon flats from Luxe Mode

Colorful neck candies from Qwin accessories

Wearing Bayo, Luxe Mode, and Qwin accessories

Wine time in Cebu. Missing you Nik, Pato & Chen!!

Skull vodka. 

Starfish. Infairness matulis ang spikes nila. Haha!

Boating in Cebu with my Cebuanos friends. I miss the city & the people :(

Sweater weather!

Buy September Men's Health & OK! Magazine. Actually, every month nalang :D

Arm candies from Mauve

My laptops. Can't live without these. #truestory hahaha


Print-on-print outfit for Steph's 19th birthday party!

Happy birthday Panot!! I love these beckies :)

Hehe. Don't judge.

Banana Leaf!

Wearing Wardrobe Check, Next Jeans, Zara, Mauve & Twinkies inc accessories

Willy Wonka

Wearing Bayo, Wade, and Suy.

Hola Angelito ;)

Such a tease. I love you Mikael Daez!!!! HAHAHA

With Ana at Verniece's debut!
My one and only outfit post in Cebu.

Wearing Next Jeans!

Met a Cebuano reader! Hello Frank :)

My barkada :) Missing Ivy & Joa!!!

Ito ang totoong pogi. Sino? Edi si Ramon Bautista! #likeapogi Watch :)

Found these in Rustans! Ahhhh sinful!

Wearing Next Jeans & Aldo

What I wore to a basketball game. DON'T JUDGE! Hehe. I didn't wear heels okay :p

Print-on-print madness!

Banana Leaf!

Pigout day in Banana Leaf with my bb Kirsten aka Anika :) Watch her in Angelito!

Wearing Wardrobe Check, SM Parisian & Twinkies Inc.

That's all folks! xx

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