Stuck in summertime

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 —

Finally got the chance to wear this beautiful maxi dress from Ministry of Retail! You can actually wear this in 4 ways. Can't wait to wear this again. It makes me look taller :p

Belt & bag - Nikki's
Shades - Nava

This is my only outfit post in Cebu! I didn't dress up during my whole stay there. Well I did, but I forgot to take outfit photos. I was too relaxed and I didn't want to do any work-related stuff.

Because I didn't bring any accessories, Nikki lent me a belt + bag to complete the outfit. Thanks Nik! I miss you already :) Thanks for adopting me for 5 days! Love you :*

Cebu photodiary tomorrow!! xx


  1. Funny thing was when I saw the first photo, nasa isip ko agad "lakas maka-tangkad ng dress!" and then I read your first paragraph saying that the dress made you look taller :p Well, then, it really does! Plus the color is really eye-catching. Summer na summer nga :) Sarap naman. I miss Cebu! Hoping to go back there again for Sinulog next year or even late this year :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

    1. Girl, sana pwede mag maxi dresses forever para makadaya ng height!! Hahaa!! Yup love the color too, namiss ko summer super :( Go to Sinulog!! I'm goinggggg :) Taralets!

  2. I love the color of your maxi dress! Very nice! And I recognize your eyeglasses! I've been eyeing for that in Chictopia :P

    - from your friend at :)


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