Sunday, September 9, 2012 —

Top & skirt - Wardrobe Check
Shoes - SM Parisian
Earrings - Twinkies Inc

I am officially one or two shades darker! Well, I blame the beach & mister sun for that!! And of course, my laziness to put sunblock :p I'm so tan right now. I don't know if I like it or not.

Another color-coordinated outfit. I followed my skirt's colors: black, yellow, pink & green. 

I wore this to the Cotton On MOA launch! Sorry if I look so tired & haggard. It was scorching hot while we were taking these look shots. Ahhhh. Manila weather, why so bipolar??

Thanks for taking my photos, Jacob! Happy birthday girl!!! Love youuu :)


  1. the heels ...arrggh ang cute I love yellow!

  2. The heels and everything about your look :"> ♥ I love this so much :D

  3. Best in nganga pic, photo number 1! :) Ganda beb, love the styling! :)

    1. Lakas maka candy girl!! Hihi thanks beb see u thurs :)

  4. You look cute on the first photo

    xx Diana

  5. Bought this top last sat at #BU5 :)) I remember you saying, "Push mo na yan girl!" with a cute laugh after haha :D So happy to finally meet you :) Wasn't able to take a pic with you, but took a pic of you, Tin and Cheyz instead, hehe :D Love your blog to bits <3 See you again at #BU6!! ^^


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