Monday, September 17, 2012 —

Jas kidnapped me last Friday so I can sleepover at her place. I ditched her the night before so I couldn't say no! She's only here till today and because we both have tight schedules, I said yes. I realized I didn't bring any clothes but she said I can borrow. Good thing she pulled out from Bayo (her sponsor) so I got to choose from those. Yay instant outfit!

Top and shorts - BAYO
flats - Wade
bag - Suy
watch - Anne Klein

It's refreshing to dress up differently. I look like a tomboy. Haha!

I had a lot of errands that day so I decided to go to The Spa after to relax and get massage. You can never really go wrong with the jacuzzi + sauna + swedish massage combo ;) I think I spent 2 hours there. Totally worth it!

Went to Verniece's debut after going to the spa. Then ended my night in Draft & Skye with my buddies! I was surprised to still have energy to go to those since I only had 3 hours of sleep. Jas and I stayed up till 3am cos we kept talking about the most random things in the world. =)) We even had light wars & used lamps to do fencing. Lol. We're such weird girls. HAHA! Miss you already babe xx


  1. I really love those shoes! Wade has some pretty awesome loafers. Where do they have a lot displayed?

  2. Ganda mong tomboy!!!:P

  3. Gadna mong tomboy a! :) Looking good, Tracy! ;)


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