10 minute get-up

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 —

What I wore to the Mango HE & Touch launch in Rockwell :)

Dress- Taiwan
Necklace - Mauve
Shoes and bag - SM
Rings - Anagon

Didn't have time to prepare my outfit so I just grabbed a dress, added some accessories and bam!

 This is my 10 minute get-up. No mousse, no make up. Just lipstick :)

So is this outfit acceptable? Haha! I know you have to be all dressed-up/made-up when attending events but sometimes lethargy strikes, you know :P


  1. super acceptable <3 <3 <3
    your simply BEAUTIFUL in every ways
    walang CHAR
    <3 <3 love the lipstick
    anung brand?

  2. Ms. Tracy, what brand and color is your lipstick? Ang ganda eh. Nakakafresh ng look.

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