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Monday, October 22, 2012 —
Hola!!!! I'm feeling really dandy and happy today :) Maybe because I'm going to Coron tomorrow. OYE!! I'll be back on Friday. Just to pack! I'm leaving (again) for Tagaytay on Sat till Sun for work (I love my job!) then I'll be leaving for Ilocos on Monday with my fambam ;) Like what I said on my twitter account, I am SO ready to escape Manila like a bawwwwss (boss) HAHA!

Okay, enough babbling! Here's what I wore to the UST - Ateneo game 2 weeks ago :-) 

Shorts - Taiwan
Necklace - Fashionabelles
Flats - Luxe Mode

Neon overload! I was like a walking rainbow. Got stares but it's fine :P I don't dress up to please anyone. Haha. Bleh :P

I took these look shots outside Araneta. Insane (and kapal ng mukha ko), I know :)) But I didn't have a choice! Thanks Ana for taking these photos :-)

UST lost but it's fine :) They did well and they gave their best! Kitang kita naman kasi ang lapit ng score diba? 

Congrats to my first love, Ateneo! I've always been for Ateneo but I supported UST this season because... I just want to. HAHAHA!

Heehee. Okiiii bye! Gotta work :D

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