Chasing the sun

Sunday, October 21, 2012 —

What I wore to a national events day (aka a day when someone needs to attend a lot of events!)

Dress - Bangkok (Thanks Cheskieee!)
Gold with pearls necklace and earrings - My mom's haha
Tracy necklace - Anagon
Heels - Schu

This dress reminds me of Kate Middleton! Seriously. She's my new peg... in life. CHOS. Hahaha!

Classic accessories. I really appreciate gold more! I wanna get rid of all my silver accessories. Speaking of gold, I need a gold watch. :( Must buy soon. Or early christmas gift, guys?? :) HAHA! Look at my new minimalist wedge heels from Schu! It's my new fave heels! So comfy and nice :-)

Did you notice anything new? Hmm well, my hair is now darker & shorter!! Thanks to Entice Salon :-) Wonderful job. Plus, my hair is super soft now. As in WILD. Parang pang shampoo commercial. I am not kidding! :O Thanks again Marj Sia for inviting me to your birthday SPArty. :) Plus thank you Greenwich & JCo donuts for the food that day. Nabusog ako :D

Sorry for the blurry photos! We took these look shots around 5pm, so wala ng sun :( #frustrating #bloggerproblems HAHA 


  1. Wonderful dress Tracy!! Oh and I love how classy this look turned out! :) It really suits you! :)


  2. What a very cute floral dress! It looks good on you. :)
    I just love anything FLORAL by the way.haha :)
    -xoxo, FRANCES

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