Fashion Fieldtrip Part 1

Friday, October 19, 2012 —

2 weeks ago, Cheys, Pax, Ana, Mark, Earth & I went to Tagaytay for a fashion fieldtrip with the FITFLOP Philippines team. It's one of the best events I attended as a blogger :) Felt like a retreat slash getaway with friends!

Good morning starshine! See the whole outfit HERE

My piglet partner Cheys :)

My loves Pax and Ana

My fave hotel in Tagaytay! :)

Hola Boutique Bed & Breakfast :)

Lunch in Hawaiian Barbeque. NOM!

This is an awesome room :) Super cute cos the names of their rooms are: i dream, i love, i escape etc :D

I love chandeliers

My love from, Mark B!

Can I marry this food please?? HAHAHA.


The kalachuchi gang!

My favorite dessert Chunky Monkey :)

Smores fondue!! Shared this one with Cheys. :)

Mango + ice cream = WIN

Wish I can live in Tagaytay

Beauty. Oh how I love nature!

Visit Boutique Bed & Breakfast! Perfect for couples/barkadas out there :)

HELLO SONYA'S GARDEN! :-) This was our home for 2 days.

... to be continued TOMORROW ;)


  1. Aww I hope I did get the chance to meet you. :( I'm living near Tagaytay. Maybe next time. :D

  2. ganda ng photos mo :) and finally! a post on our trip! ;)

  3. OH YAYY. Sonya's garden is so beautiful! Love your photos <3


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