Saturday, October 20, 2012 —
This FITFLOP event slash fashion fieldtrip (see part 1 HERE) seriously felt like a retreat for me. I love how they made it so chill for everyone. Hihi #besteventyet

We arrived at Sonya's Garden around 130-2pm. Look at the FITFLOP crew who helped us carry our luggages. Aw. I appreciate little things like this :)

Cute signs led us to our rooms!

Kinda hard to be quiet because I was with my awesome blogger friends Pax, Ana, Cheys, Earth & Mark! :)

Beautiful place! I seriously fell inlove with Sonya's Garden. It was my second time but I got to appreciate it more this time cos we stayed there the whole weekend :)

Flowers everywhere :")

Hello to the amazing brand who gave us an amazing event/weekend :)

Sonya's Garden signature drink!

The "kakagising lang" look lol

When we got to our room (I'll do a separate blog entry on that!), we had surprise gifts in our beds :) Woot woot!!!

After check-in, we took advantage of the very pretty place & took look shots! Hihi. Blogger duties! Check our my outfit photos in Sonya's Garden HERE & HERE

My favorite part: SPA TIME!! Oh my goodness. The massage was divine! :-) To all the massage/spa lovers out there, you guys should definitely go to Sonya's Garden Tagaytay for their spa! So worth it I swear.

Got to explore the place before dinner :) I'd love to live here for a week or maybe forever hahaha!

Pretty lights at night :)

Got serenaded by tatay while having dinner! 

Here are FITFLOP's newest products! I'll give you 3 reasons why you should buy FITFLOP FLATS!

1. It's stylish. At first, I had doubts when I saw the designs. But when I wore it, darn! It looks good with dresses, jeans, shorts. Everything! It looks really neat!

2. It's SUPER comfortable. All fitflop products are uniquely made. They use materials that are good for your feet. Unlike your ordinary flats, FITFLOP flats won't make your feet hurt after hours of walking. 

3. It's versatile. Use it in school, office, trips etc! All the designs look so elegant. My favorites are the maroon patent & the two-toned ones.

These are what we had for dinner! :) Such a great idea to serve us pasta noodles with different sauces (?) SARAP LAHAT!

After dinner, my camera's battery died so I wasn't able to take photos. We had a talk about personality development and appropriate dressing :) I learned a lot! The speaker was incredible! Sana mom ko siya hehe :p

Thank you FITFLOP... for everything!!!! Heehee. So excited to get my flats! Outfit photos wearing them, SOON! xx

Hope you enjoyed my photodiary! So sorry I don't have photos of people. I tend to get artsy and all "photographer mode" when I'm in a beautiful place. Haha!

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