I'm wearing crocs!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 —

Shorts - Oxygen
Studded bracelet - Fashionabelles
Flats - Crocs

Can you believe it guys??? These pretty flats are from Crocs!! I was shocked to see the new designs. I bet you guys thought I was wearing slippers when you saw the title. :P I can't explain how much I love these. They are so comfy! I want more!! 

I wore this outfit when I did errands in Rockwell. I was so lazy to think of an outfit because I've been SUPER busy :| My mind's going cray hahaha. Thank God my Crocs flats arrived just in time! It was the basis of this ensemble. Hehe

I was originally wearing a blazer but I removed it while taking these look shots. It was TOO hot. Couldn't take the unbearable heat!

Toodles! I'm off to the airport! Excited to explore Coron hihi :-)

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