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Sunday, October 14, 2012 —

Peplum top and leggings - COTTON ON
Shoes - ZARA
Watch - XOXO
Bracelets - ANAGON

One of my favorite outfits. You guys know how much I adore gold so when I saw this gold leggings in Cotton On, it was really love at first sight. And look at this peplum top with leather sleeves! What a beauty :)

I decided not to wear necklace since I wanted my gold studded belt to be the focal point of my outfit. Finally got to wear my faith, smile, dream bracelets from the ever-so-talented Ana Gonzales.

It's been a while since I've worn red lipstick. Since this ensemble is too dark, pink lips would look ridiculous with it. Red or nude are the acceptable ones. I chose the former because... no reason :P I just forgot my nude lipstick at home so I didn't have a choice HAHAHA

My hair looks nice that day! It's because I got a vegetarian miracle hair treatment at Creations Salon in Greenfield District. I love how they styled my hair after! Wavy hair for the win! :)

That's all folks. Blessed Sunday, everyone!! xx


  1. we have the same top but mine's a little big on me, looking adorable as always! mwah!

  2. so so love the outfit ms. tracy!!!! Gorgeous!!! :)

  3. I love your bracelets.!!

  4. Lovely Tracy!!!! :"> <3


  5. pretty! love the whole entire look

  6. I love the last shot! <3 so candid :)

  7. i saw your leggings yesterday. I wanted to buy it, but I don't know if I can carry it... Maybe not in the office no? But I really really like it... I still have to think... ;0

  8. I saw your leggings yesterday.. I so wanted to buy it but I don't know if I can carry it.. I still have to think.. :)


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