Visiting my alma mater

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 —

Top and shorts - Embellish
Shoes - Zara
Necklace - A Boutique

What I wore when I visited DLSU to renew my alumni card. Yes folks. I'm from DLSU. Not Ateneo, not UST. People think I'm an atenean cos I support Ateneo's basketball team. But this season, I decided to support UST. Just because... *insert personal reasons here* HEEHEE :P

New building in DLSU. Cool, right??? Futuristic! Reminds me of La Salle Singapore :)

I can't believe I graduated 2 years ago (June 2010). I had a very colorful college life and I SUPER miss it. After renewing my alumni card, I visited my favorite comm professor Ms. Diaz. Also met up with my friends who are still in school (damn I feel old :|). It was crazy hot that day so I went inside a classroom to sit and relax. Hello miguel classroom! Ahhhh!!! Memories :((

Took these look shots at Yuchengco's balcony. One of my fave spots in DLSU :)

Sorry if I look super tired in all the photos. I'm so busy right now and putting makeup isn't in my to-do list. LOL. Should seriously learn how to beautify myself -____- 


  1. Dahil alumni ka na, shumoshorts sa school!! Hahaha!

    1. of course girl!! di naman ako pinansin ng mga DO ahhahaha

  2. I love that you don't get so serious about the school rivalry between the colleges here in Manila. I am a Thomasian and I Am also a fan of yours :)

    1. yeah! basketball lang yan dapat fun yun treatment :) hehe


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