I'll take care of you!

Friday, November 30, 2012 —
Remember that your hair is your crowning glory and it completes your total look. We all have bad hair days. When we do, we usually get all stressed and annoyed. I’m very particular when it comes to taking care my hair. My mom is so conscious with her hair and I think I got that trait from her. Sometimes when I’m lazy, I am guilty of not fixing my hair. I realized how bad that is when my hair started to get all tangled up plus the horrific split ends. Yikes! Good thing I learned how to take care of my hair: from using the right shampoo and conditioner, to going to salons for hair rejuvenating treatements like hot oil or hair spa.

It is important to take good care of your hair no matter how busy you are. No need for expensive treatments because a lot of products are now available in the market.

One of them is the brand FINESSE. I’m sure you’ve heard about this brand. My mom uses a lot of their products: shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, and mousse! Recently, I decided to try it and I kid you not, my hair became super soft and relaxed. You can check my photos and see it for yourself! I don’t iron my hair or put anything in my hair. I just comb/brush it and I’m good to go! I always get “you have a salon straight hair!” comment almost every day. Haha!

I just want to share some of the Finesse products I use! :)

1.    2in1 Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner – It rehydrates dry and frizzy hair. Perfect for those who go through a lot of salon treatments like hair color, perm etc (LIKE ME!) It also smoothes away frizz and prevents split ends.
2.    Extra hold spray – firm yet flexible hold. Whenever I curl my hair, I use this so the curls would last. I have super relaxed hair so I need this. I like this because it won’t make your hair look so stiff.
3.    Extra control mousse – this creates lasting body and control. I used this a lot when I still had permed hair. You need this so your curls can last for months. I recommend this to all those who have permed hair! J
4.    2in1 texture enhancing shampoo and conditioner – it maintains hair’s natural balance and adds softness and manageability. I think this is the best hair product you can use if you want to add volume to your hair.

Recently, Finesse launched Season 2 of its "I'll Take Care of You" Makeover Tour and its "I'll Take Care of You" Facebook Application via www. illtakecareofyou.net. This campaign aims to promote the different products of the brand from shampoos & conditioners to its popular styling guides – hair spray and mousse.

The Makeover has 30 stops (25 BPOs and 5 gyms) and features free hair wash and hairstyling. I think the best part of this is that a celebrity hunk, together with a team of Finesse hunks, are tasked to do the hair washing of participants! Aside from the hair makeover, professional makeup artists are going to beautify you then there will be a short photoshoot after. Finesse surely knows how to treat ladies like queens! ;)

The photos will be uploaded on facebook then a venue winner is determined by the photo that gets most likes at the end of the week. From the 30 venue winners, 3 grand winners will be named this year’s makeover tour winners. They’ll get a chance to take home a macbook air, a new ipad or a Samsung galaxy note! Isn’t this the coolest? I think I want to join!

Aside from the 30 venue winners and 3 grand winners, each and every person who registers via www.illtakecareofyou.net will automatically be registered to the general raffle with a Samsung Galaxy SIII as its grand prize. 


1. Makeover Tour Venues (BPO/Gym)
            a. Open to employees and patrons of chosen companies and gyms.
            b. Participants should be present and have registered via www.                                                     illtakecareofyou.net with their photos taken during the event and uploaded to      
               the Finesse Facebook Page via the application.
            c. Makeover Tour Crew will pick Top 5 participants and name them venue's Fab 5.
            d. Fab 5 will be awarded with special gift packs.
            e. Fab 5 will be given 1 week (7-days) to garner most "LIKES" through Facebook.                             One with most likes wins and will be counted in the Top 30.
            f. Top 30 winner will be determined by the 3 finalists with most LIKES.
            g.  Fab 5 and Top 30 are encouraged to enjoin their friends/fans to register via                             www.illtakecareofyou.net so that they too can get a chance to win a Samsung                                        Galaxy SIII and other prizes.
            h. Top 30 and Grand Winners will be awarded at the Finals and will be asked to                             participate in the Finals program. 

***Grand Prizes at stake are a 11" Macbook Air 64gb, a New Ipad 16gb Wifi, and a Samsung Galaxy Note.

2. Online registration (www.illtakecareofyou.net
            a. Open to residents of the Philippines
            b.  Simply register via www.illtakecareofyou.net
             c. "LIKE" Finesse Facebook Page www.facebook.com/finessehaircare
            d. Awarding will be done at the Finals.

***General Raffle Grand Prize is a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Also, There will be 24 gift packs from Finesse that are up for grabs via Rafflecopter. Each person who joins this promo will automatically be entered in the Samsung S3 raffle. This promo will run from November 30 to December 14. All the entries will be forwarded to the main site of Finesse, where 1 person will get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S3. The winner will be announce during the Finesse main event, which will be held on January 12, 2013 at the new Glorietta Activity Center.

What are you waiting for?register via www.illtakecareofyou.net and LIKE the Finesse Facebook Page www.facebook.com/finessehaircare and follow @FinesseHairCare via Twitter.


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