Lee Min Ho x Bench presscon

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 —

When I got a text about Lee Min Ho's private presscon, I seriously wanted to cry. I'm a BIG fan of Lee Min Ho / Boys Over Flowers so imagine my excitement when I got the invite!

With Marj and Vern

His flight got delayed so arrived late. But you know what? He was worth the wait! Look at that face. SO HANDSOME!! I was seriously gushing like a crazy fan (oh wait I am!) when he entered the room.

He looks so serious! Ang tipid sa smile. I was seriously waiting for him to smirk man lang but then...

He laughed!! AHHHHHH. I wish I had a video or something. Almost died when he did. :")

I'm super happy Bench got him as their new endorser. He's perfect for the brand.

That. LOOK. *melts*

Congrats Bench!! I heard 10,000 fans went to his fancon in Araneta! He's well-loved :) OF COURSE!! How can you not love him??

Thank you Bench for this opportunity!! I seriously can't get over :) 

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