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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 —

The best waxing salon in Singapore is now here in the Philippines!!! :)

Super cute invite!!!

Oppa Gangnam dance by their waxers ;) Naks!

A spray tan demo by the owners! Dani, Verniece & I loved it too much HAHAHA

I want to take you home!!!!!

Black and pink color theme.

Hundreds of nail polish bottles to choose from :)

Eeeeep cute stuff alert!!!!

Everythings pink and black!

The very posh waxing room!

Hugged this kitten the whole time they were "stripping" me. Alam niyo na yan :P

The owners Wendi Chan & Derrick Seeto. They look gorgeous!!!!!

Last Sunday, my blogger friends and I went to a faraway land called SM North Edsa (lol) to check out the newest waxing / nail / spray tan salon in town: PINK PARLOUR. 

The event's tagline is "we have arrived" so our invites were boarding passes and we were given passports for the event! How cool is that?? :) Here's a narration of what happened.

They welcomed us with drinks and yummy food. After getting seated, we had "in-flight entertainment." LOL!! The salon technicians and the lovely PR person of Pink Parlour, Nino, danced Oppa Gangnam for us! So cute :) The owners Ms. Wendi & Sir Derrick introduced themselves and talked about how Pink Parlour started. Since everyone wanted to see how spray tan is done, the owners did a demo in a form of a strip dance for us. It was very entertaining ;) I know my blogger girlfriends will agree with me on this! ;)

Of course, we got to try their services! I chose brazilian wax. Okay, I am assuming we're all mature here so I can talk about this without judgments, right? :) 

So it was my second time to try brazilian wax. The first time was in a different salon; it was tolerable (considering it was hot wax) but the threading portion was quite painful. 

I was hesitant to do brazilian waxing again but Pink Parlour assured me it wouldn't be painful. I just put my complete trust on them, hugged my kitten stufftoy (the waxer made me hug it LOL), and BAM! I was like "that's it??" I didn't feel ANY pain. I don't know if my pain tolerance is just high but Dani said the same thing (and it was her first time!). Pink Parlour uses hard wax (it's color PINK!!) so pain is minimal (for me, none at all!). No wonder they were awarded best painless brazilian in Singapore

To all the girls and guys out there, I suggest you try it! I swear, you'll feel... free. HAHA! I can't explain the feeling but that's how Dani describes it.

I am proclaiming to the whole world that this is my new fave waxing salon. I am so amazed with their services and friendly team. This place is perfect for barkadas who want to get pampered and bond at the same time. The interior is so hip and chic! This is why they were awarded best fun spa and top 100 places to visit in Singapore. Thank God they finally brought Pink Parlour here in the Philippines!! :)

I am so excited to try their other services like IPL and RF, nail/foot treatments, barbie curl lashes, and of course, their famous spray tan! I don't know if I have the courage to try the last one but I will, I swear! Can't wait to go back to PINK PARLOUR!

Visit them at the 5th floor of The Block SM North Edsa. Like them on facebook & follow their twitter  account :)

Get smooth, everyone!! x

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  1. I've been hearing a lot about this parlour. Is it that good? :D How much is the brazilian wax?


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